During my time as an entrepreneur I
have seen all aspects of business life; the good, the bad, the difficult,
the politics, the government and the hiring and firing. I have done it for real, had to live with every decision
and spent time in every role, so my knowledge comes from real world experience.

Time to reflect on the traits of highly successful entrepreneurs and PLAN.

First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The time between Christmas and New Year is often a quiet time and one in which I sit back and look at what my priorities should be for the year to come. I catch up with things, get myself organised and read books...


Small Business Saturday UK - 3rd December 2016

I attended the local Derby event for the Small Business Saturday initiative. Here's my review of the day:


Making it easy to buy and taking advantage of local habits

I've been working with Ken Holmes at Public IT / Certikit since 2014 and we've seen the business evolve greatly over that time. Ken always monitors sales well and comes to our meetings with charts and analysis showing exactly what he's selling and where. His business is an internet business...


It really is all about people

Earlier this month an old friend of mine, who'd worked for me twenty years ago, posted this status update on Facebook. He'd obviously had a bad day at work and seen a colleague be treated pretty badly. I was very flattered that he chose to write what he did and it set me thinking that it really...