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It’s a competitive world out there and running your own small business is far more difficult than most people think.

A Pocket Guide to Small Business Success is aimed at anyone thinking of starting their own company, those that have recently started it and the owners of established businesses that have stagnated and are feeling stuck in a rut. Punchy, easy to read, direct and to the point, it costs less than a couple of pints of beer and can be read in a similar amount of time. It covers all aspects of small business life, from the initial idea to raising money, getting the right people, managing the daily grind and then selling it at the end of the journey.

It is real-life, on the ground brass tacks and a million miles from the theoretical rah-rah business books readily available. A must for the pocket of all budding entrepreneurs, both young and old, and for those already running a small business.


Take his advice - it comes from real experience.

Rob has written a straight-forward and practical guide for anyone wanting to launch a small business (I knew the minute he suggested you should cut all your revenue projections in half -- he's right!). Please take to heart the lessons and advice he shares -- it comes from someone who has been where you're about to go -- and it will save you time, money, headaches, and possibly your life. Best of luck on your entrepreneurial journey.

Verne C Harnish - the "Growth Guy"


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Rob England
Rob England

Rob England is a UK based Business Mentor and has been involved in small businesses for the last 25 years. He started his last business from a blank sheet of paper, designing and developing a healthcare software application, but then running the business until it was sold to a stock-market listed plc for a 7 figure sum.

He has many years of real-life, down to earth, practical business experience and is now using that experience to help others grow their own businesses. In 2015, he published a 5* reviewed book, "A Pocket Guide to Small Business Success".

Some nuggets of gold in these 112 pages!!

This pocket guide book took just a morning to read and I found it to be an honest,open and clear guide as to the opportunities and pitfalls of starting up or growing your small business.It is an essential read for someone with a "great idea" but not a lot of business acumen or experience.It demonstrates the real cost of employing staff along with the benefits of finding the "right person".There are some real tips on how to access grants and loans as well as reducing your tax burden (within the rules).I am sure you will enjoy this guide as much as I did and I know it will help you steer a smoother path through the rocky waters of developing or growing a new small business--Bargain at a fiver !!!

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